Top 5 Advanced CSS3 Tips

Posted: November 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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We don’t need of any scripts to attract visitors to stay in our websites. Because CSS 3.0 has many advanced features to use. Coventrywebstudio listed the most advanced features below.


CSS Curves

Curves can be created easily in using css3. We can choose different style of curves. That adds better appearance for websites.

The Syntax:

border-*-*-radius: [ <length> | <%> ] [ <length> | <%> ]?

Footer Stick

CSS helps to create a sticky footer instead of using scripts. Footer of a Web site or web page to emerge either at bottom of the browser window

CSS Image Map

CSS Image Map can be achieved using Doug Bowman’s Sliding Doors technique. This technique allows us to use all image rollover effects in single image and use CSS property to shift the image direction by adding CSS hover effects.

CSS-Based Forms

In the recent trend most of the enquiry and contact form encourage visitors to place their comments and their business enquiry. We can achieve the form using HTML and CSS. Then fieldset and legend tags help us to created unique form for our website.

For Reference visit the link

Displaying Percentages with CSS

Using HTML and CSS3 we can generate process percentage tag. For reference visit the link below.

 Coventrywebstudio always suggest using css3 to create a better design for our clients. For more information visit


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